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What is your most important word?

Here’s a question I’m posing to everyone out there:  What is your most important word?  Is it a word that defines you, or what you aspire to be?  Is it some ideal, some hope, some wish that you seek?  Is it some pain, some terror, some memory that holds you?  Let me tell you mine, and then tell me “What is your most important word?”

My most important word is Resolution.

Resolution” is, obviously the dedication and tenacious devotion to something, enough to put everything on the line for that one thing.  Someone, or something you believe in so strongly, that’d you risk losing everything to protect it, or to achieve it. 

It is Determination, Devotion, Loyalty, Trust, Love. It is all those things and more.

Resolution, to give up everything for someone else, even if they never know you did it for them.  Resolution, to face a sin you’ve committed, even if you know it’s possible you’ll never be forgiven. Resolution is the core of all my writing, and is the thing I seek the most in life.  What is your most important word?