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The Harvest of Love

The God of my heart is great.  In him, there is much love, much light.
The one who has family, has friends, and God in his heart has much.
For that one may be poor in material things, but he is rich in love.
So rich that he cannot stand to keep it to himself.
For how could one who had an abundance of wheat, far more than he could ever use, keep it to himself?
How could he stand to simply sit and watch it rot away, when there are so many about him hungry for it?
No, I say to you, when a hungry man comes to that one’s door, he will be fed.
For one with so much love cannot keep it to himself.
The same is true of the God of my heart, and the God of all hearts.
His love, his grace, his peace are so abudant, he cannot possibly keep it to himself.
So many walk with eyes closed, with mind shut, with hearts of stone.
Yet when these barriers are gone, so great is the harvest within them.
Remember, my brothers and sisters, that without the light of love in your heart, nothing will bloom.
And once such an abudance does bloom within your heart, remember then to let others in, lest that wondrous harvest be wasted.
For the greatest food the world can offer, the one that fills body, heart, and soul, that is love.
Nurture it, grow it, share it.
For it is the greatest gift of them all.


“Angel among us”

“The statuesque figure before me glistened in the morning sun.  I was certain

that this monument, this figure, could be of no one else but Aphrodite, Goddess

of Love, for no other could hold such beauty in such a small, elegant form.  Her

hair was of golden amber, extending beyond the waist.  The skin, of the purest

white marble flowed smoothly and elegantly across slender sloping shoulders down

to long, toned legs.  Slight ruby lips pursed slightly, as if kissing the new

day opening before her.  Completing this monument to unparalleled beauty was a

pair of the most brilliant sapphires, surely plucked from the most intense

burning stars of the night, placed gently into her eyes, which turned and were

fixated at me.  I felt as a man surely did before the face of God, as if I would

simply be turned to dust before such magnificence and be blown away as dust in

the wind.  I was certain that this figure, as still as she was, was certainly a

statue, for surely nature could not create such a heavenly form with its wild,

groping hands.  That is, until this goddess took in a slow, deep breath of the

new morning air, allowing it to slowly fill her lungs with it’s purity before

letting it flow out once again.  Truly I have died, I thought, and this is an

angel before, for a creature of such indescribable beauty could not exist in the

world that I know.  The angel seemed to almost hover off the ground as her eyes

met mine.  Or perhaps, her angelic magic was causing me to be the one to float

towards her?  But here in this moment, I could be certain of nothing.  For in

this moment, I could not tell up from down, left from right.  The angel’s

crimson lips curled upwards slightly into a smile before speaking in a soft

voice that rippled in my soul like a stone thrown into a pond.  “Welcome home.” 

I could not move, could not breathe.  The angel before me, noticing my

expression, laughed slightly at my plight.  I only managed to force a slight nod

before I began my long uphill climb, up to where this angel awaited me.”

What is your most important word?

Here’s a question I’m posing to everyone out there:  What is your most important word?  Is it a word that defines you, or what you aspire to be?  Is it some ideal, some hope, some wish that you seek?  Is it some pain, some terror, some memory that holds you?  Let me tell you mine, and then tell me “What is your most important word?”

My most important word is Resolution.

Resolution” is, obviously the dedication and tenacious devotion to something, enough to put everything on the line for that one thing.  Someone, or something you believe in so strongly, that’d you risk losing everything to protect it, or to achieve it. 

It is Determination, Devotion, Loyalty, Trust, Love. It is all those things and more.

Resolution, to give up everything for someone else, even if they never know you did it for them.  Resolution, to face a sin you’ve committed, even if you know it’s possible you’ll never be forgiven. Resolution is the core of all my writing, and is the thing I seek the most in life.  What is your most important word?