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The Harvest of Love

The God of my heart is great.  In him, there is much love, much light.
The one who has family, has friends, and God in his heart has much.
For that one may be poor in material things, but he is rich in love.
So rich that he cannot stand to keep it to himself.
For how could one who had an abundance of wheat, far more than he could ever use, keep it to himself?
How could he stand to simply sit and watch it rot away, when there are so many about him hungry for it?
No, I say to you, when a hungry man comes to that one’s door, he will be fed.
For one with so much love cannot keep it to himself.
The same is true of the God of my heart, and the God of all hearts.
His love, his grace, his peace are so abudant, he cannot possibly keep it to himself.
So many walk with eyes closed, with mind shut, with hearts of stone.
Yet when these barriers are gone, so great is the harvest within them.
Remember, my brothers and sisters, that without the light of love in your heart, nothing will bloom.
And once such an abudance does bloom within your heart, remember then to let others in, lest that wondrous harvest be wasted.
For the greatest food the world can offer, the one that fills body, heart, and soul, that is love.
Nurture it, grow it, share it.
For it is the greatest gift of them all.

“Out of Darkness”

“From within the darkness, I heard your call. But a whisper at first, growing, little by little, like ripples in this cloak of shadows. Drawn by its serenity, its beauty, I followed it blindly until, in the cold blackness, I found it. That one shimmer of warmth, one glimpse of light, one ray of comfort that was your heart.”

“To the night without stars, the trees without leaves, the eyes without glow, as my life was before and after I met you. In this world of darkness, you were my hope, my courage, my radiant light. Without you, I only wander in shadow, alone.”

“The sound of Love”

“Love is a sound that is soft and easily muffled by the noise of the heart, but when you listen closely, carefully, you can hear it ring true and clear throughout the ages.”

Quote Collection #3

“Love, it is a hunger that no food can fill and a thirst no drink can quench.”

“There are many paths in life, but don’t merely follow others down the well-trodden roads.  Carve your own trail that reflects your true self.”

“Love is a spell no mage can weave, no prophet decipher, nor alchemist replicate.”

“Light from above, Darkness from below, Strength from within.”

“Oh flame, ye who is the spark that creates life, and yet can take it all away in a single blinding flash.  However, while life is but a torch that can be snuffed out at any moment, the soul is a flame that while dim compared the brilliance of life, burns with an intensity that ensures it will never be extinguished.”

“Friendship is the melody of the heart, Love is the symphony of the soul.”

“Heart of Darkness, Soul of Light.”

“All hearts beat, but mine beats to my own rhythm.” 

“Believe in Trust, trust in Faith, have faith in Hope.”

“Knowledge of things beyond this world makes one almost make the mistake of telling others about it.”

“Some knowledge comes through joy, but in this world, much of that which is wisdom is divined through pain.”

“The truth is like a diamond; each person sees a different facet of it.”

Sight Teaser#1

“He who escapes the fear of Pandemonium shall cast his eyes to heaven.”

 “Only he whose eyes have beheld the horror of Pandemonium shall understand the pain one must endure to turn dreams into reality.”

“He whose eyes conquer the terror of Pandemonium shall see what light and dark lurk in the hearts of men.”

Tapestry of Words

“A good story is like weaving a fine garment:  each thread must be put together smoothly and tightly to create something that is not only beautiful, but heartwarming.”

Drops of Truth

“What is the life of a mute bird, only to sing on the day it dies?  Is it a blessing?  Is it a curse?  Is it’s whole life meaningless for what happens on that final day?  Or was its years of sadness merely a culmination of blood and tears to mark its passing with one glorious, triumphant song?” 

When one man’s reality is but one facet of the gem that is truth, what is real?  What is fake?  What will last, and what will fade?  For we, who are so caught in the flow of time, ever to comprehend, let alone truly embrace, that which is true?  If truly merely exists in the eye of the beholder, then is there really but one truth?  Or is there no solidarity to that which is ‘truth’, and it is merely what me make it to be?  Does anything truly last?  Are all things meant to fade?  Are our accomplishments merely a mound of sand, made to be whisked away in the withering winds of time?  Or is it that each of us build but a single stone of that which is humanity, and as we each pass, that stone remains, for those that come after us to build upon, slowly but surely, until from that one stone rises a mighty temple, never to erode, never to wither, never to fade.  Perhaps then, when we have moved beyond this stream of time, we shall see how the single ripple of our droplet of life will have effected so much, and changed so many for the good, and for the bad.  And when we realize this, can a life truly be for naught?  If a life affects but one other, does this other life not in turn affect others?  Does not the ripple from one in turn enhance the next, slowly moulding, bit by bit, a wave of change that affects all that flow within that stream?  In our simple, clouded lives, where we can see naught but that which lies before us, can we truly understand the implications of our choices?  Can we truly grasp the finality of our decisions, how they will affect us, and how they will affect others? 

If you remember nothing else, remember this:  Your life is truly but a drop in the Ocean of Stars, nothing more, nothing less.  But it is you that will choose how that drop shall fall.  Will it fall on the cold ground, splashing loudly, but affecting nothing?  Or will it fall into the depths of the sea, softly, where that quiet pulse will travel to the farthest corners of creation, gently flowing over all things, shifting them, and changing them?  One day, the rain shall come for us all, and we each will have to choose our path.  Believe in yourself, and craft your own destiny.  Don’t fear fate.




“Fists are the language of the fighter,
Persuasion is the language of the clever,
Intellgence is the language of the mindful,
Wisdom is the language of experience,
Love is the language of the heart,
Music is the language of the soul,
Noise is the language of creation,
Silence is the language of destruction,
Truth is the language of heaven.”



Collection of Random Quotes #2

A new line of quotes for you quote-lovers out there.  Enjoy. 

“Just as the sun sets when the day is gone, so my heart sinks whenever I’m not near you. But when you return my heart bursts forth like a new day.”

“The salvation of the strong of mind is the strong of body.  The salvation of the strong of body is the strong of mind.  The salvation of those who are weak of body or mind is in the strong of heart.”

 “Do not pine for the sorrows of a creative soul, for they share the same spirit as the one who created them.”

“The creation of great things cannot be accomplshed with a blank heart.  The nature of creation is tied in with emotion.  To create great things, feel great emotions.”

 “Real truth is not found in one’s mind, but in the depth of one’s soul.”

“Even a supporting character’s part is essential to the success of any endeavour.  Without each individual gear ticking together in unison, the clock cannot count time.”

“Power is the strength to overcome adversary.  Wisdom is the knowledge to use Power correctly.  Courage is the willpower to use Power and Wisdom in the face of adversary.  Without courage, all else is useless.”

“True strength is not facing an adversary when victory is assured, but when it is not.”

“Don’t let others lead you down the path of life.  Make your own road, and walk down it fearlessly, and without looking back.”

“Love is born quickly, but to keep that blossoming bud through the tests of life and time, it must constantly built upon, to make it strong.”

“Love is a flower; it’s small bud grows quickly, but must withstand the harshness of life and time if it is to become strong.”

“Individually we have our gifts, together we have our strength.  We are many, but we are one.”

“Time whittles down mountains, chips away at life, and pulls people apart.  However, in your heart, time’s power holds no sway.  So while time may hold power over you, hold your power in your heart.”

“What hands will create and destroy everything, but never hold anything?  The hands of time.”

“Humans are a combination of two halves, light and dark.  It is through the conflict of these two that the greatest creations and darkest desires are born.”

“Time whittles down mountains, chips away at life, and pulls people apart.  However, in your heart, time’s power holds no sway.  So while time may hold power over you, hold your power in your heart.”



Collection of my random quotes #1

Some of these quotes are ones I just created today, some are years old. However, I’m not going to alter any of them, I want you all to be able to see them in their rough form, as I originally wrote them. Enjoy.

“Through the brightest of days and the darkest of nights, I will be by your side.”

“Not all who cry are sad, not all who wander are lost, and not all who dream are children.”

“Seeing one’s life as fate cheapens the value of your own actions. Good or bad, your life is your own creation. Live by your own will, don’t let others live for you.”

Love be not a dance of the flesh but a harmony of souls so profound all look upon it with the wonder of a child.”

“Love is a drop of water; one that quenches the deepest thirst. Love is a burning ember; one that sets the soul ablaze.”

“One with romance in their heart feels the depth of the warmth of the human soul.”

“Words are words, actions are actions. Words define one’s beliefs. Actions define one’s character.”

“A person is afraid of what they don’t understand; so, understand your fears and you
will not be afraid.”

“Do not fear stupid people in large groups. Fear the one of them who thinks he is smart.”

“Life should be only for those that choose to protect it.”

“Some people worry that they accomplised nothing in their lives. The truth is, however, that they don’t notice the many changes(though small as they may be) they made in other people’s lives.”

“People fear the darkness, but they do not realize it is the darkness within themselves they fear.”

“Man is blinded by his need to see or hear things in order to believe in them. Not being restricted by this is the basis of faith.”

“Life is a never-ending novel: each person is a chapter in it’s story.”

“People laugh at others who suggest that life exist on other planets. Should they laugh? Are the others wild dreamers, or are those who laugh simply closed-minded and cannot envision anything but the here and now?”

“Happiness is found in yourself, purpose is found in others.”

“Since the beginning of time, evil has conspired to undo mankind using the forces of destruction, suffering, and death. But man has been given one great weapon to combat these forces: Hope. Hope brightens tommorrow while comforting today. And Hope can never be defeated; for even in the darkest hour, Hope’s brilliant rays shall shed light on all of mankind.”

“Humans are like one-winged angels. We can’t fly by ourselves, but when a man and woman join,
they can soar to the highest of heights.”

“A man is an incomplete being, but it is for a reason. A man strives alone, and he shall fail.
Men strive and they shall never fail. Thus is the reason for teamwork, to help others
succeed in life.”

“Self is the realization that the will of others is not your own will.”

“The body is limited, but the mind…the mind has no limits, no boundaries. In the mind none
can say it cannot be done, because in the space of your mind, the possibilities are endless.”

“Ah, when you think, we have so much power when we speak. We can tear someone down,
or build them up. We can turn a man’s life completely around, from horrible to wonderful
or the opposite. If you get a few words into someone’s mind, and it can change their whole

“We cannot just forget our pasts, no matter how much we would want to. It is…the basis of which we were formed, and makes up a part of ourselves. But remember this: the past is the past. It has happened, and can never be changed, however, our future is never chained to the weight of what happened in the past. No matter what has happened, the future is always open. And if you think about it that way…the worst parts of our past can be, instead of what haunts us, it can be something that has happened, that we will never let happen again, to anyone. Thinking this way, the future can only become brighter, and full of happiness for

“I wear glasses to be able to see as a normal person’s eyes see.
Sometimes, however I think I see things more clearly without them.”

Think on that last one for a bit, and you’ll realize its true meaning.

-Koyoto D. Shadow (C)