You are not Alone.




Words that describe one which has no other

In a world of six billion, so many describe themselves as thus

For even in a crowd, the feeling of being alone

Permeates the fibers of our hearts

And every beat slowly takes us into sorrow

For none understand this pain

This sadness

This loneliness

That drains away the life from our limbs

And makes our hearts frigid and dark.

But, with six billion others that could be feeling the same way, are we really?

Are those that scream out into the void of their frozen hearts truly not heard?

Truly, this I say to you

That no cry may go unheard,

No tear fall in vain

I make this vow

You are not alone.

Reach out your hands beyond that barren, windswept plain of your heart

And you will find


Reaching back to grasp yours

And pull you back into the warm of the sun

Though your darkness, reach out, reach out

For there is already a hand waiting to grasp yours.

Reach out

Find that light once again

And become that hand that reaches into the darkness of other’s hearts

So you me be the the proof that

You are not alone.



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  1. krkbaker on

    Hi, goodness me. I’m such a slacker. I’ve been meaning to get back to you. I’m pretty sure after the novel you have to master the synopsis, which is what you send to most agents/publishers. A synopsis if you aren’t familiar with it is
    basically just a brief brief summary of your book. But it must be attention grabbing. Each submission is unique to whom you’re sending your manuscript to, check each publishers/agents guidelines, if you’re unsure have them send you a set of their guidelines either by mail or email. They may not all require a synopsis, but I think most do.
    Link for that:

    You want to make it as perfect as possible so you don’t get thrown in the slush pile. Also make sure you copyright your work, guidelines for that are here:

    Anyway, here are some links with helpful info about agents, manuscript guidelines, etc.:,, also try the Writers Market Books, or the Website which is continuously updated.

    Hope this helps. Happy New Year. Let me know how it goes.

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