The Shattering of Lies

Ephemeral wings

Soaring above all

Seeing the world for what it truly is

Beyond the doors of perception

Beyond Good and Evil

Beyond Love and Hate

Beyond Hope and Despair

It exists

Silently affirming

Silently breaking

All that we hold dear

Forcing open the eyes that gaze upon it

Eyes that can no longer look upon lies

Now look with sorrow on the world they knew

A world covered with deceit

Of those who live with eyes shut

Ears deaf

Mind closed

To the truth that surrounds them

For their lies hold their pain from their fragile hearts

So they will not shatter into a thousand shards

That tear at the hearts of those around them

Under the light of such truth, all lies are wiped clean

So then how can human hearts endure?

What can heal the pain it brings?

For we all shall are already the broken shards of the mirror

Letting off a million shades of light

When that day comes, all we will have is that web of tiny threads

That connect each heart to another

And that shall become the frame from which the new world will be born

For when that day comes, truly, that may be all we have

So then hold each heart closely, tenderly

For any among them may be the one

That saves you from your darkness.



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