When you have no one left to turn to, when the darkness comes to claim you and

all you have is yourself…what will you do?  Would you cower in the face of it,

cursed only to tremble and weep before being consumed?  Would you avoid by

becoming the darkness itself, consuming those that refuse to submit to it? Or,

even knowing the risks, would you fight against it?  To you, the choice my sound

clear, but to face that darkness is to face to the deepest fears, sins, and

desires of our very souls.  Do you have the power to face something that

powerful?  As this life is your life, this choice is yours, but it is not one to

be taken lightly.  Once you have stepped down a path, you will find it

infinitely harder to step back.  That choice may make you, or it may break you. 

The only thing that will save you is your own determination.  So I ask you, what

is your choice?


1 comment so far

  1. krkbaker on

    I understand this. My determination will not allow for the darkness to last too long.
    Hope you’re well.

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