“The Last Leaf”

As the fall approaches and the leaves fall from the trees, why is it that the last leaf takes so long to fall?  It clings despirately to the tree that has been it’s home, alone among its branches, beaten mercilessly by the coming winter’s frosty breeze.  Is it fear, fear that it will fall to the earth, only to be trampled underfoot and rot in the dirt below?  Is it stubborness to give up that which is knows so well?  Is it confusion from being the only one left, the only one to persist against this frigid land?  Perhaps it all is a moot point, for the leaf is well aware that one day, it must fall.  What is yet to be seen, however, is whether it will be drawn back to the earth by the weight of it’s sorrow and pain, or will it be carried aloft, high amongst the clouds, to dance in the wind, never to fall, never to break, and each day draw closer to the warm sun that gave it life in the beginning.  Perhaps, even that return itself is frightening.  However, the circle is inevitable in this blue world; what was will become, and what has become, will become what has.  The wheel is perpetually spinning, drawing us from burgeoning dawn to the encroaching twilight, and back again.  Fear not where change has come for you, nor where it goes, but what you do during that journey, for that is the one truth that we ourselves create.


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