“Warmth of the Heart”

The cold snow falls on Hearts, frozen by the coldness of the world.  Even these poor frost-laden souls shall one day be cracked by the gentle breeze of kindness, melted by the warmth of friendship, and set ablaze by the fires of passion.  Even in the deepest blizzards of winter, the candle still flickers, quietly, softly….waiting, waiting for it’s time to burst forth from it’s frozen shackles to spread it’s warmth across the farthest reaches of creation.  You yourself will one day find your sitting alone atop that icy peak, sitting on your frozen throne.  However, no matter how long you think you will be there, quietly, without your notice, you will find it has been melted by those around you.  Remember my friends, the warmth of the heart melts the cold, softens the stone, and heals the wounded.  Trust not in the coldness of your solitude, but in the warmth of your companionship.


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  1. Kevin Miskelly on

    Very beautiful and so true when fear and doubt creap in!

    What keeps us alive, what allows us to endure?

    I think it is the hope of loving,
    or being loved.

    I heard a fable once about the sun going on a journey
    to find its source, and how the moon wept
    without her lover’s
    warm gaze.

    We weep when light does not reach our hearts. We wither
    like fields if someone close
    does not rain their

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