Spring, the season of new life.  The world awakens from it’s slumber, and grumbles as it stirs from it’s long winter nap.  The green bud blossoms, taking its first steps forward into the light of the world.

Summer, the season of growth.  The world stretches forth from it’s humble springly beginnings and reaches out to cover the world in it’s lush green blanket.

Autumn, the season of recession.  The world draws back into itself, slowly, but surely.  The green blanket of the world turns all shades of the rainbow in one brilliant flash before it is consumed by winter.

Winter, the season of endings.  The world has fallen into white silence.  What was once green is now gone.

But fear not, for the inevitability of winter is also the promise of a spring to follow.  No matter how cold and dark your own winter is, one day, spring shall come to your world too.  So hold fear not of winter, but remember the warmth of the sun and press forward, forward the future that awaits you down the path, and remember, that through all your seasons, warm and cold, bright and dark, I shall always be by your side.




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