Quote Collection #3

“Love, it is a hunger that no food can fill and a thirst no drink can quench.”

“There are many paths in life, but don’t merely follow others down the well-trodden roads.  Carve your own trail that reflects your true self.”

“Love is a spell no mage can weave, no prophet decipher, nor alchemist replicate.”

“Light from above, Darkness from below, Strength from within.”

“Oh flame, ye who is the spark that creates life, and yet can take it all away in a single blinding flash.  However, while life is but a torch that can be snuffed out at any moment, the soul is a flame that while dim compared the brilliance of life, burns with an intensity that ensures it will never be extinguished.”

“Friendship is the melody of the heart, Love is the symphony of the soul.”

“Heart of Darkness, Soul of Light.”

“All hearts beat, but mine beats to my own rhythm.” 

“Believe in Trust, trust in Faith, have faith in Hope.”

“Knowledge of things beyond this world makes one almost make the mistake of telling others about it.”

“Some knowledge comes through joy, but in this world, much of that which is wisdom is divined through pain.”

“The truth is like a diamond; each person sees a different facet of it.”


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