The North Star of Guidance.

“You see that star, way up there?  It’s just like any other star around it, isn’t it?”
“Well…yeah, kinda.  Maybe a little brighter…”
“Exactly.  And that’s how you see yourself.  Just another spot in the night sky, no different than any other that exists.  That star is thousands of light years away from us, and from it’s point of view, it’s completely alone.  No other things exist around it, and all it can see is the sea of stars like itself that surround it.”
“Exactly.  That’s exactly how I am.  I’m just another point of light out there, I’m no different from anyone else.  I’m just a star lying in a sea of stars, a light with no meaning or purpose.”
“That’s where’s your wrong.  That star, the one you feel so connected to is called Polaris, the North Star.  Years before electric navigation and whatnot, that star was the most important star in the world.  You see, back in the early days of exploration, before there were compasses, people relied on the stars to guide them from one place to another.  They learned to recognize constellations:  Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and many others.  They used these stars to lead them, and without them, they would be lost forever.  Among those, Polaris the most important.  From no matter where you are on the planet, Polaris always points north.  You are that star, the North Star of Guidance.  People come to you when they feel lost, and you set them to where they need to go, and what they need to do.  You’re the harbor in the midst of the storm, the safe haven for all who have lost their way.  Though you may see yourself as alone, and your life without purpose, those around you will always see you as the important guiding spirit in their lives, never forget that.”


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