Story Synopsis: “F8”

In the land of Zandalaar, the two largest countries, Arkrad and Shie-krah who have been at war with each other for generations have finally settled into an uneasy truce.  However, this truce is about to be shattered when a raid on the capital by a small band of Shie-krah soldiers gives an opportunity to Valencio Rastaf, a young influential military officer of Akrad, the opportunity to sieze the throne from King Victor Kislev.  As the capital is in an uproar, the King’s only daughter, Princess Teresa Kislev, flees the capital.  She runs into the young infamous bandit lord, Arcturos Mendoza.  Together with his ship, the Enûma Elish, and ragtag crew, they will fight to stop Rastaf’s plan to find the eight keys to unleash the power of Fate upon humanity.


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