Rumbling Hearts Teaser #1

Here’s a small clip from my new story I’m working on, “Rumbling Hearts”.  Enjoy.


“Though the pain and the sadness…”  “Through sickness and through strife…”  “We will persevere by the strength we find…in each other.  Despite distance, through the years, we will be at each other’s side, and support each other through good times and bad.  Know that even beyond death we will be by your side, till the end of days come.  That is the strength of our love.  We are not merely friends, and more than family.  Our bond goes deeper than blood; it is a bond of the soul.  So for so long as you exist, I will as well.  You need only look inside to find me again.  So please, please keep on living, if not for yourself, then for me.”




2 comments so far

  1. Creamy on

    wow!!!! this is very interesting^^ I couldn’t wait until ur done with the story 😉 hehe…i’m looking forward too it!!!!!

  2. saturnjupier (carla) on

    nii-san this is great when r u goin to bring this out i loved it 🙂

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