“New England Snows” Story Clip

Per SaturnJupiter’s request, here’s a scene I did years ago (around 2002) per request of a few female friends, demanding that I write a romance.  Be forwarned, this is an utter sapfest.  I thought about altering it to correct the errors I made when I originally wrote it, but I thought everyone would like to see how I’ve progressed in writing style over the years.  Enjoy.  (P.S.  Koyoto is a reocurring character I use in a few of my novels, I decided to use his name as my pen name years ago.  ^^)


Koyoto had confessed his love to Yae, but she never responded to it.  It had been several months since he said it, and Koyoto was thinking he’d never get an answer, till one night…when Yae and him were alone…Koyoto and Yae were standing on a balcony, Koyoto was holding a rose in one hand…
Koyoto looked at the rose.
“I…wanted to ask you…about…”
She looked at the ground.
“I’ve…been meaning…to talk to you about that…”
He turned red.
“Does that mean…you have an answer?”
She looked up.
“I…like you…”
His eyes grew wide.  Happiness surged into him.
“…As a friend…”
All the happiness dissapeared.
“As..a friend…”
“Yeah…I wanna be your friend, Koyoto…”
Koyoto turned around, and dropped the rose.
Koyoto walked off as the rose spiraled downward, petals flying away in all directions.
“Koyoto? Hey, Koyoto! Wait! Where are you going?”
“Goodbye, Yae.”
He didn’t turn around.  He kept walking off.  Yae picked up the rose and ran after him, but she lost track of him quickly.  It started to rain.
“Where did he go?  I think…” She looked at the rose.  “I think I really hurt him…but…why did he just walk off?  Why didn’t he talk to me?  He always did before…”
She was wandering through town when she noticed she was a the “Wildcat”, a bar and jazz club that Koyoto frequented.
“I wonder…”
She listened and heard a soft melody playing from inside.  The song itself seemed to draw her in.  She walked inside.  There were few people there at this our, but there was one man on stage, playing the piano and singing.  She listened to the song again.  It was soft and gentle, yet somehow, heartwrenching.  A song that reminded her of things past, even things she didn’t want to remember, but she couldn’t stop listening to it.
“Something about it…it’s so…warm and familiar…”
She looked at the man at the piano and saw it was Koyoto.  He was playing and singing with his eyes closed.
“It’s so sad…melancholy…Koyoto…what did I do?”
She stood there looking at Koyoto as he played.  The song made her remember the wonderful times of the past, while still showing her all the sadness she had endured in her life.
Koyoto finished playing, the people clapped and he walked into the back area, behind the stage.  Yae woke up from her dreamy state, and followed him quietly.  She walked back into the back area and saw him enter a room.  She walked up to the door and knocked.  No one answered.  She slowly opened the door and saw Koyoto sitting in a corner of a room, facing a mirror, with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other.  He didn’t look up as she walked in.
“Yes?”  He said as he poured a glass.
He drank the whole glass in one gulp.
“Why…did you run away…”
“I didn’t run, I walked.”
“But…why?  Why not talk to me like before?”
He turned one eye up at her.
“I don’t want friends.”
He drank another glass.
“Why can’t you be my friend?”
He looked up at her.
“You really want to know?”
“…Yes…”  Tears were forming in her eyes.
“Friends leave too easily.  They’re never constant, and they always leave you.”
“But…I wouldn’t leave you…”
“You can’t say that.  No one can ever know where our paths lead.  Even the best of friends can end up not together.”
She looked down at the floor.
“But…I wouldn’t…”
“Thats why I don’t want friends.” He looked into the mirror.  “No matter how I try, they always leave me. Alone…always alone…”  Yae looked up and her eyes grew wide as she saw a tear roll down his cheek.  “So you can go back to your friends now.  Hold on to them tight, or they’ll leave you.  Life is a Hurricane, we all hold on to all we hold dear…but it always leaves us…”
“If thats the case…then I don’t suppose I can be your friend, can I?”
“Nope.  Or at least, you shouldn’t. Heh.” He laughed quietly.  “Who’d ever want to be my friend anyway?”
“Well…if I can’t be your friend…” Yae walked over and hugged Koyoto.  “I guess I’ll just be yours…”
She hugged him tight.  He set down the drink and bottle.
“Yae…you don’t know what you’re saying…”
“I do.  I love you too much to just let you go…”
“Yae, forcing yourself to love me isn’t right.”
“I’m not forcing myself.  I…I wanted to say yes before…but…” She looked into his eyes.  “I remembered how other people who were friends…who got together…all that friendship that they had…just dissapeared…I didn’t want that to happen to us…”
(“She’s doing all this…making all this sacrifice…for me…no one…has ever done so much…”)
“Koyoto…” She turned red.  Tears were still rolling down her face.  “I…love you…I always did…I couldn’t admit it…I was too afraid…”
Koyoto turned red.  “Too afraid?”
“That you’d just call me…a silly girl…and tell me to go away…”
He put a hand on her cheek.  She closed her eyes and rested her head on the hand.
“Of course not.  I could never do that to you…because…I love you too…”  Yae opened her shiny emerald eyes.  “I wanted you…to stay with me forever…I didn’t want you to ever leave me.”
“Oh, Koyoto…”
He brought her face close to his.  “I…never want to leave you, Yae…”
“I want to stay with you forever…”
She leaned up and they kissed passionately.  The rain ourside turned to snow.  She leaned back.  She laid her head on his chest.
“Well, I better get you home…it’s getting late.”
“Just…a little longer?”
They were both wrapped up in the joy of the moment.
They eventually walked outside, and the snow has lessened.
“I love snow.”
“Me too…Snow is like people, sometimes, it’s just lonely snowflakes, that dry up, all alone.  But, sometimes, they fall together, and they stay together…”
Yae smiled.  She started walking, but she tripped.  She started to fall back, but Koyoto caught her in his arms.
He smiled.  “Don’t you worry.  Whatever happens, I’ll always be there to catch you.”
She smiled.  The both looked up to the sky.  The clouds started to part, and the snow stopped.  The sun shined down on them.
“It’s gonna be a great day.”  They walked off a single snowflake, falling alone, contacted with another snowflake.  The two snowflakes blew off into the horizon…


3 comments so far

  1. saturnjupier (carla) on

    heheheheh i loved it nii-san it was the best it made my heart go pitter pater ^///////^

  2. Mousy on

    omg it is a total sapfest lol. It reminds me a lot of the crappy writing I did when I first started writing (but yours is done so much better than mine >

  3. Creamy on

    hehehe…lol this is very gd!!! My friends and i really enjoy reading this 🙂 they said thank you for the sharing….and were looking forward to more of ur great works 🙂

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