And here I am,
Death surrounds me.
Hate rushes about me.
Suffering encroaches about me.
And I am face to face with pure Evil.
Pure evil of such an overwhelming force, that facing it means almost certain death.
And I know, that if this evil passes me by, it will go on to destroy all I care for.
and Freedom.
Freedom of will, of expression, of…life.
Freedom to work, play, think, to…act.
As I stand here, I wonder: Surely those who came before me faced this same question:
“Should I stay or should I go?”
“Should I fight or should I flee?”
Which leads down to questions like:
“Should I die on my feet, or live on my knees?”
which, facing this incredible foe, I must ask myself:
“Is it better to be at the right hand of the Devil, than in his path?”
The more I think, the more I ask myself:
“Why me?”
“Why must I make this choice?”
“Why must I face such a horror?”
After a moment, I answer myself:

“Because I can.”
“Because I should.”
“Because I must.”
“Because it is Right.”

Because I stand here, not for myself, but for all of humanity.
For all those who can’t stand for themselves.
The Young.
The Old.
The Weak.
The Meek.
Realizing this, I find my previously ponderings pointless, and selfish.
Now my mind wonders again, not the question of “Should I stand and fight?”
Now it is “Will they, who could not fight, remember me?”
“Will they remember the foe I faced this day?”
Evil, itself?
“Will they remember this epic battle?”
“Will they think of me as that word I so aspire to be called?”


I think for just a moment on it, then realize.
“Eh, what does it matter?”
“As long as people are living free,
inside them will always dwell a piece of me.”
As my ponderings begin to cease I unsheath my sword and prepare my armor.
As this evil encroaches upon me, a single other thought goes through my head.
“You might ask, why I tell this. Why I recount this tale to you.”
“Perhaps it is a bit vain, that you will remember me, or what I stood for.”
“But I think it more, that if you find yourself in a situation such as mine,
that you might perhaps remember this tale, you might realize for yourself:

“That I might appear alone here, on this forsaken field, but when I stand
for Justice, the world stands with me, and it is their sword I wield.”

As I wade into this Evil, a single question utters from your lips.
And I reply:
“Who am I, you ask, my friend?”
“Well that question is, above all, the simplest.”

“I am You.”

-Koyoto D. Shadow (C)


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